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  * A new frontier crossed**

On Monday, February 20, the Organization for the Integral Development of Dondon (ODID) inaugurated its Community Center (OCC) in Dondon under the rhythm of its young brass band under the direction of Maestro Fernando Jean.A big thank you to all those who honored us with their presence at this event, mainly the parish priest, Reverend André Augustin, for his eloquent sermon at the occasional mass and the blessing of the center.

Special thanks also go to Ms. Elvire Eugène, General Coordinator of AFASDA who is a key partner of ODID and who accompanied us to the ribbon cutting.Thanks to our close collaborators, especially to our Consultant Dr. Michel Henri Brutus, CEO of H.E.L.P Inc. who presented the results of our recent survey; to FEMINA represented by Dr. Romel Jean Pierre and Psy Daniel Genna; and the Agronomist Lumène Michel who represented AFLIDEPA.Thanks also to Amos, Rodolphe Chèrenfant and Guinel Ménard for their technical support.Congratulations to these tireless people from ODID: Junex Jean, Garry Jean, Jose Lesly Metellus, Gérard Cadet, Amy Thelusma, Jeanpa Daniel, Kesner Telsor and to the young people of the Club who not only contributed to the realization of the event but also who have always given themselves body and soul for the success of ODID's various activities.As confirmed by our survey carried out with the assistance of our group of young people, the work is immense.

We will always be grateful to our members from outside who have accompanied us at the very beginning of the journey as well as those who continue to do so.We take this opportunity to welcome the staff responsible for the Centre's programs.





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