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The population of Dondon is 35,000 with the size of 121 km2 divided into 5 rural juridictions (Brostage, Laguille, Matador, Haut-du-Trou and Bassin-Caiman) and the town's Central area. Health care is inadequately rendered through a dispensary and a health center located in the town where a physician visits 2 days a week. In the rural areas where most of people live, healthcare is non-existent, leaving people susceptible to otherwise treatable diseases. ODID's Health division goals is to improve access to healthcare to the Dondon community. Our Health committee is composed of members from New York, Miami, Georgia, Dondon, Cap- Haitien and Port-Au-Prince.

Health Clinic:


Women's Health: ODID has been serving women in mobile health clinics in all rural and urban areas of the community. We currently offer family planning services, multivitamins for pregnant women and deworming tablets for their children. ODID has responded to emerging public health diseases and executed extensive community-wide health campaigns against COVID-19 and cholera that have featured women and girls.We know that women and girls’ victims of sexual violence especially gang-related experience severe physical injuries, unwanted pregnancies and exposure to HIV or other sexually transmitted infections. Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the limited ability to complete daily tasks, and suicidal thoughts are also common. The goal of this initiative to provide women-specific services on a continuum to women survivors and those who are at-risk for violence. As a result, in addition to safe housing, ODID will offer a continuum of services to address women’s issues including: a crisis Hotline, primary care, mental health services, legal counseling, family planning, violence prevention, girls’ leadership including mentorship, peer leadership, micro-credit, skill-building, and sports.


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