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The population of Dondon is 35,000 with the size of 121 km2 divided into 5 rural juridictions (Brostage, Laguille, Matador, Haut-du-Trou and Bassin-Caiman) and the town's Central area. Health care is inadequately rendered through a dispensary and a health center located in the town where a physician visits 2 days a week. In the rural areas where most of people live, healthcare is non-existent, leaving people susceptible to otherwise treatable diseases. ODID's Health division goals is to improve access to healthcare to the Dondon community. Our Health committee is composed of members from New York, Miami, Georgia, Dondon, Cap- Haitien and Port-Au-Prince.

OUR Approach:
• Recruit a pool of Health practitioners, particularly those from Dondon at the local, national and the Diaspora to volunteer their services
• Organize medical health missions to complement the provision of health services
• Establish relationships with leading pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, to deliver medical supplies and medications 

• Forge strong institutional partnerships to complement our pool of potential volunteers to implement our programs effectively

forge a partnership with the Ministry of Health

Maximize impact of our efforts by leveraging international partners strengths, working collectively toward shared goals


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