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Safe Housing: To provide temporary Housing. Health clinic to provide gender-specific services including  Health education, Family planning, Reproductive health, Sexually Transmission Disease (HIV/STD) testing and treatment, pregnancy test, prenatal care, medical referral and advocacy; 2)Crisis Hotline to assist survivors and provide short-term mental health services to address crisis calls of domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, suicide, and other crisis situations; 3)Economic interventions including Case management services , counseling, financial counseling, emergency assistance and financial assistance; 4) Women Empowerment Self-Help Group that will provide trainings and skills on economic opportunities.

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Girls’ Initiative: This program engages girls ages 7-18 age-appropriate activities to build positive relationships, strengthen and develop self-esteem/confidence. The girl’s education initiative supports girls’ primary school completion, girls’ leadership, and skills development.  In 2021, due to a spike in unplanned pregnancies, ODID started offering sex education and reproductive health services for older girls from 15-18 years old. ODID is currently supporting 10 girls to complete High school, a project of “Haitian Women Collective” with the support of “Girls Opportunity Alliance (GOA)”.  In July 2022, they received Peer-Leadership training in collaboration with the Toya Foundation. They have held fair gastronomical and led community service activities. They are offered skill-building skills such as English classes, music, sports, and arts/crafts and social activities that are a source of hope for a new generation.

Women’s Empowerment group, made up of about twenty women who are also entrepreneurs will continue come together to discuss issues that were taboo in the past (domestic, sexual violence, harassment.) and face, together, the vagaries of life.  The self-help group provides a forum where twenty women meet, organize themselves, get information, train themselves and acquire their autonomy. It encourages them to empower each other - through support, education, and financial assistance to achieve their personal and professional goals. It is also a forum where women come together twice a month to discuss issues and take a stand around the theme of equality and violence.


Through learning and meeting other women, they are developing greater self-confidence, strengthening their skills and increasing their power to act both in their own lives and in their social, professional and family environment. 

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