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Our social initiative follows a multi-pronged model that has created an impressive synergy that touches all sectors in the community. The impact of this approach has gotten a lot of attention as a promising community development model. We have increased the number of visitors to an estimated 4,000 over the past 4 years; Instituted and hosted four annual festivals since 2014; held Arts/craft fairs since 2014; trained women in doll making. Socially, started a youth club focusing on education (scholarships); health, art, toy distribution, environment protection; and sports. 

In terms of infrastructure, we renovated a total 4 major landmarks; planted trees along the main road; held awareness campaigns for tree preservation on May 1st observation activities; improved the access road to the swimming hole at the Cotard water fall and the path to Forts Ramiers sites; successfully built a clean water system in rural area of Brostage that serves tens of families, advocated for clean water, environment and infrastructure improvement such as roads and electricity.  Solar street lights were installed in the summer of last year.


Our interventions have spiked a new-found interest in the town that have stimulated a small economy especially for women during the annual 5-day annual festival. We have anecdotal evidence and reports of small merchants making enough money during the festival to pay tuition for their children.  Our most prided achievement is the revitalization of the town and the reenergization of its people.

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