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ODID Sports programs focuses on developing the fundamentals and skills of different sports to young children through fun and positive activities.
The success of these programs requires the involvement of parents. These programs offer training to all participants so that everyone can learn techniques that will benefit future athletes throughout their lives.
Young children (for 7-11 years)
Our Division of Sports and Recreation, offers basketball, soccer, volleyball and karate for boys and girls. The goal is to teach the game through a healthier environment while building the foundations that prepare sport athletes who want to learn, develop and excel in their sport.
Youth (for 12-16 years)
The programs are supervised by responsible coaches. It offers regular sports instructions to children, and activities for improving their basic motor skills, adding components of training and competition, all in an atmosphere interactive and fun.
The program aims to incorporate education of good nutrition, fitness and the importance of family support in the development of a healthy athlete.
Positive impact for the players:
Substantial improvement of physical, cognitive and social Introduction of positive social experiences through fun physical activities

Our interventions have spiked a new-found interest in the town that have stimulated a small economy especially for women during the annual 5-day annual festival. We have anecdotal evidence and reports of small merchants making enough money during the festival to pay tuition for their children.  Our most prided achievement is the revitalization of the town and the reenergization of its people.




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