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Discover the Speletourism 

with visits to the caves of Dondon one as magnificent as the other, including the"Voute aMinguet",a sacred temple of these first inhabitants of Haiti; Cadelia that carries a subterranean river and other caves like St. Martin, Marc Antoine,  voute des Dames, Adrien Antoine, Michel I and II etc.

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Culture & folklore in order to:  Enjoy our art and crafts and agricultural products through our fairs and exhibitions.  "Marenguen" drum , Voodoo;  Religious concerts.  Rooster bettings,  Music (all genres),  traditional dances and songs, new artists and talents,  a dance party with one of the Great tenors of Haitian Music.


In order to explore the ecology and the particular geology and the panoramic views of:  Two rocks at Laguille,  "the gouffre",  Dondon Hollywood Sign.  The mountain in Bellevue  Haut-du-Trou  at 1028 meters above sea level. 


Visit the Historic National Park: Citadel La Ferrière, ramiers sites, House of Queen Marie Louise Coidavid  Deepening the history of Haiti through famous men of Dondon as Gabart the Valiant, Vincent Ogé next to the great heroes of the history of Haiti such as Christophe, Dessalines, Toussaint and Pétion.  Visit the remains of the house Vincent Ogé, and the cooperative coffee of the same name to Matador;  Visit the colonial ruins of Fort Moise, the habitation of Minguet;  The market of the Negres "Plas Neg" and the colonial dungeon at the habitation Arnaud.  Visit the oldest coffee cooperative in the country, Gabart le Vaillant in Brostage and enjoy the succulent coffee of Dondon . Enjoy our Art and Craft  and gastronomic fairs.

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