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Officers Executives & Board 20182023


Yanick Eveillard: President 

Nancy Sanon


Junex Jean:




Jacob Alex

Pratt Daniel

Viviane Sanon

Arlet Eveillard


Carine Ulysse

 Erline Molien

Junex Jean

Sandro Dugoirand

Melienne St. Jean

Hantz Daniel

Michele G.

Yanick Eveillard

Nancy Sanon

Junex Jean

Lourdes Antoine

Paul Sanon

Cary Daniel

Rose Laurent

Chantale Sanon


The mission of the Organization for Dondon's Integral Development (ODID) is to promote the social and economic development of Dondon Haiti.

The purpose of the Organisation for Dondon Integral Development ( ODID ) is to promote and help the public at large discover the great heritage of the town of Dondon mainly through an annual festival and other cultural activities with a focus on ecotourism .

It aims to :
• Improve the living conditions and the capacity of the population
• Promote a variety of cultural products
• Contribute to the stability of sectoral organisations
• Encourage sustainable touristic and cultural activities
• Support the growth of tourism and ecotourism
a paragraph. 

Using the Integral Development framework, ODID approach uniquely combines four mutually reinforcing perspectives: nature and community; culture and spirituality; science, systems and technology; and enterprise and economics. It promotes the integration of small enterprises such as craft arts with the promotion of ecotourism through tours and an annual festival while advancing the social, the cultural and infrastructure improvement of the town of Dondon, Haiti.


With its rich heritage, ecotourism emerged as the most appropriate vector for revitalizing the economy and for offering a chance for the development for the town. Dondon counts more than 10 caves, notably the historic “Voute a Minguet” with Indian handprints.    The town of Dondon is situated in the North of Haiti and occupies 60% of Haiti National Historic Park. It provides the opportunity to visit the Citadelle fortress, Ramiers Forts and Sans-souci palace, a world heritage designated by UNESCO since 1982.  We believe that the potential for tourism can contribute significantly to poverty alleviation of the community. Work since 1998 by the Pro-Poor Tourism Partnership (Ashley, Goodwin & Roe) has demonstrated that tourism can contribute to poverty reduction and that for many of the least developed countries, and in many rural areas, tourism is one of the few current viable strategies for economic development.




Milien Jean

Noel Beuth

Jean Rony Desamours

Health/Santé &Sanitation

Coordinateurs :

Cliniques : Chantale Sanon&Carry Daniel

Sanitation : Amy Thelusma

Embellissement: Carine Ulysse&Nemours Alouidor

Produits/Foire : Amy Telusma

Publicity &Promotion Comitee

Paul Sanon

Sandro Dugoirand (Cap)

Melienne St. Jean(PAP)

Fund Raising Comitee

Rose Erline Jean-Jacques

Sandro Dugoirand (CAP)

Melienne St. Jean (PAP)

Ecotourisme & Culture


Art/Artisanat/Craft : Evens Pierre

Tours/Excursions :Paul St. Jean

Tours/Excursions :Frednel Louidor

Festival des Grottes

Musique /Bal: Hantz Daniel

Event Planner: Moise Pierre

Culture : Jean Gary


Rose-Andree Sanon

Walky Saintil

Youth Club

Telsoir Kesner

Celicourt Juliot



Gheriane Ulysse

Toys: Michelle Damour



Coordinators :

Preschool : Carry Daniel

Conference/Seminars: Jose Lesly Mettellus

Club Littéraire : Jose Mettelus

Club Littéraire : Gerard Cadet

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