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Youth Mentoring Initiative

Contibuting to Building a new generation of Leaders

Community service

The goal of our youth initiative is to improve the education, safety, and well-being of kids and adolescents ages 5-18 years of age. Our interventions aim at improving Social, Intellectual and Artistic Development through team building, self-expression through creative arts, and appreciation of nature. Our selected interventions are aimed to provide 500 youth from 5-18 years old divided in three major age groups: 5-7; 8-14; 15-18. The activities will be age appropriate with opportunities/activities that build positive relationships, strengthens and develops self-esteem/confidence and promotes personal skill development. We expect to have a positive impact for the kids with a substantial improvement of physical, cognitive and social introduction of positive social experiences through fun physical, social and recreational activities.  We aim to provide programs and services that connect youth to their community while enhancing positive social interactions and skill development.


To focus on developing the fundamentals and skills of different sports to young children through fun and positive activities. The programs are supervised by responsible coaches. It offers regular sports instructions to children, and activities for improving their basic motor skills, adding components of training and competition, all in an atmosphere interactive and fun. The program aims to incorporate education of good nutrition, fitness and the importance of family support in the development of a healthy athlete in Soccer, karate Volleyball, Basketball and Track and field.

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After school & Summer Camp

Engages a total of 300 kids in three separate age groups. After-school to 100 kids. Provide 1 hot meal with HELP. Homework, technical trainings, empowerment sessions and sports. Week-end Activities involving in sports and social activities such as Arts, and skill learning Sports training and tournaments: Train kids in soccer, basketball, track, and Boxing (300 kids) Youth mentoring & empowerment: Involvement in social community development activities Summer camp: offers a hot meal along with social activities and learning opportunities Training in language, computer Music and Art and craft

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