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The paving of the town has not been finished although the major arteries have been completed  

Protection and preservation of the town' s historic sites: its caves, Ramiers sites, Habitation Vincent Oge, Fort Moise and its various Ruins

Recovery of the drinking water system linked to the completion of the street paving 

The construction of a playground with an alternative plan to improve the current field for sports festival activities (basketball, volleyball, football). 

The Electrifying of the municipality of Dondon 

Construction of a "Gabion"next to the river " anba dlo" in the South of town to serve as a leisure space and " promenade " 

Completion of the national highway # 3 and construction of bridges between Pignon and St. Raphael 

Improvement of the highway between Dondon or Cap-Haitien 

Improvement of the way from Carrefour Seze to the Citadel parking 

Improvement of road and bridges construction to access "voûte a Minguet" via Matador 

The development of the public square with a shopping area 

An assainissment project including toilets construction

Cap -Haitien airport is vital to the development of tourism in general 


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