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Our Objectives

ODID has always put a focus on women and girls to overcome inequity due to sexism, gender bias and social barriers they face.
Our strategic objectives are to: 1. Promote women’s economic empowerment. 2. Enhancing women’s voice in decision making,
leadership and peace building. 3. Ending violence against women and girls. 4. Carry out projects that promotes social welfare and environmental concern. 5. Promoting women’s skills for sustainability. 6. Promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women as effective ways to combat poverty, hunger, and disease and to stimulate development that is truly sustainable. We put a particular focus on rural communities as they have often been neglected by larger multinational organizations.

Girls' Leadership


Girls’ Initiative: This program engages girls ages 7-18 age-appropriate activities to build positive relationships, strengthen and develop self-esteem/confidence. The girl’s education initiative supports girls’ primary school completion, girls’ leadership, and skills development. In 2021, due to a spike in unplanned pregnancies, ODID started offering sex education and reproductive health services for older girls from 15-18 years old. ODID is currently supporting 10 girls to complete High school, a project of “Haitian Women Collective” with the support of “Girls Opportunity Alliance (GOA)”. In July 2022, they received Peer-Leadership training in collaboration with the Toya Foundation. They have held fair gastronomical and led community service activities. They are offered skill-building skills such as English classes, music, sports, and arts/crafts and social activities that are a source of hope for a new generation.

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