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 1. Primary care a) Hold mobile clinics in the five localities at least once a year with emphasis on rural health b) Primary care clinic: The clinic will provide follow-up, initial consultations and preventive care by nurses under the clinical direction of the physician. c) Preventive health: Provided in mobile clinics by nurses, health workers (trained by ODID); d) Mental health: Provide mental health through a mental health professional at clinic


2. Sexual Health In partnership with the AHF to provide testing, treatment, and referrals for HIV and STDs and provide follow-up, medication management, and education.


3. Girls' and women's health a) Family planning: Methods are available through partnership. This service is offered through mobile clinics and in-house clinics by our nurses including the provision of sex education and counseling to young women and girls. b) Prenatal service: Vitamins for pregnant women with vitamin Angels c) Health service for survivors of the MLC house


Our future goal is to provide  mental health services for the community and women-focus  care on a continuum. with a focus on women. 



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Women's Health

ODID has been serving women in mobile health clinics in all rural and urban areas of the community. We currently offer family planning services, multivitamins for pregnant women and deworming tablets for their children. ODID has responded to emerging public health diseases and executed extensive community-wide health campaigns against COVID-19 and cholera that have featured women and girls. ODID has been serving women in mobile health clinics in all rural and urban areas of the community. 


Our future goals is to provide:

1) Mental Health Services through: A Crisis Hotline will be professionally staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to address crisis calls of domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, suicide, and other crisis situations; the provision of both short term and long-term safety planning for any victim of  domestic violence; Abuse Intervention Services (AIP) Services; Partner Abuse recidivism prevention; Anger Management/Abuse Intervention Services.

2)Economic Crisis Program: Case management, counseling, financial counseling, emergency assistance and financial assistance will be provided to women that are victims of violence or have food insecurities: Food kits,  clothing, and other material assistance as available.

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